Free Bulky Crocheted Owl Ear Warmer

Free Crocheted Bulky Owl Ear Warmer

  • Hooks- K 6.5mm and H 5.00mm
  • Debra Norville Premier Yarns Serenity #5 Bulky in Majesty – ear warmer
  • Loops & Threads Impeccable Lavendar – eye color
  • Debra Norville Everyday Black - pupil
  • Big Twist Value White – outer eye
  • Vanna Choice Lion Brand Silver Grey – nose
  • Lion Brand Fun Fur in white – eyelashes
  • Yarn needle
  • 1-1/8” button
  • Scissors

  • CH: chain
  • SC: single crochet
  • DC: double crochet
  • HDC: half double crochet
  • HDC2tog: half double crochet two together
  • TC: triple crochet

5 sts x 4 rows = 2” square in HDC. Mine came out to 4-1/4” wide with finished SC edge.

  • CH stitches at the beginning of each row do not count as stitches in stitch count.
  • Many sizes can be made with these instructions as long as you measure where indicated, use sizing chart and pay attention to gauge.
  • Debra Norville Premier Yarns Serenity is 109 yards and I made two for children from one skein.
Ear Warmer
Use an K-6.5mm hook
In bulky yarn, Chain 7
Row 1: HDC in second ch from hook and HDC in each across. Turn (6)
Row 2: CH 1, HDC in first two stitches, CH 2, skip 2, HDC in last two stitches. Turn (6)
Row 3-4: CH 1, HDC across all stitches. Turn (6)
Row 5: CH 1, 2 HDC in first stitch, HDC in next four stitches, 2 HDC stitches in last stitch. Turn. (8)

**Measure here and allow that much at end of ear warmer to figure out how many rows you need to add or subtract to get the desired length.**

Rows 6-33: CH 1, HDC in each stitch across. Turn (8)
Rows 34: CH 1, HDC2tg, HDC in next four stitches, HDC2tg. Turn (6)
Rows 35-37: CH 1, HDC across. Turn (6) Don’t cut yarn! 
Chain one and SC around the outside edge all around the ear warmer. Slip stitch into first SC and tie off and weave in yarn end.
Sew button at end on outside edge.

My increase stitches on rows 1-5 measured 2.5” and you need to allow 2.5” at end of your ear warmer (decreases) to get the correct size. This will give you and idea of how many rows you need to add or
subtract to get the desired size based on chart below.

For example, my increase measured Rows 1-5 measured 2.5” and rows in between, rows 6-33 measured 13.5”. Rows 34-38 measured 2.5” to equal 18.5” plus the outer SC edge of ear warmer adds another 1/2” equaling 19” in  total length and 4.5” wide for an 9 year old child.

Size Chart for Headbands and Ear Warmers

Head Circumference Headband size:
  • 0-3 months 13-15” 11-12”
  • 6-9 months 15-17” 13-14”
  • 6-12 months 16-19” 15-17”
  • toddler 18-19” 16-18”
  • child 19-20.5” 17-19”
  • teen 20.5-23” 18-21”
  • adult 21-24” 20-22”

Eyes (2)
Use an H-5.00mm hook
Black yarn, chain two.
Round 1: 10 DC in first stitch in black. Change color to purple before joining to first DC stitch. (10)
Round 2: chain one, 2 SC in same stitch and in each stitch all around. Change color to white and join to 1st stitch. (20)
Round 3: In white yarn chain 2, 2 DC in same stitch and DC in each SC all around. Tie off and leave long tail for sewing eye down. (40) 
Sew in all other loose ends.

Outer Eye
Mark your beginning stitch on left eye with yarn or stitch marker and on opposite side (right eye) mark your ending stitch as shown with blue marker in photo. 

On the right eye, count over 22 stitches to find your beginning stitch as shown with pink marker in photo. 
Using Red Heart Super Saver in Medium Purple make the following stitches on outer DC white of each eye.
Left eye: 12 SC, 3 HDC, 1 DC, 2 TC, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 SC, 1 SC. (22) Tie off and sew in

Right Eye
You will have to reverse stitches for right eye. Meaning, start right eye (pink marker) with 1 SC, 1 SC, 1 HDC, 1 DC, 2 TC, 1 DC, 3 HDC, 12 SC. (22). Tie off and sew in ends. Should end stitches at blue marker. Add pupil highlights in white yarn for each eye as shown in photo below.

Add pupil highlights at top of each eye. They look like upside down v's.

Using Fun Fur yarn, SC in each stitch on outside lid of the medium purple. Tie off. (22)

In gray yarn CH 6, Slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook, in next chain SC, HDC, DC, DC in each of
following chains. (5)

Finish by sewing in any remaining yarn. Place button at end and sew in place. With this type of ear warmer, I like to trace and cut out fleece and machine sew in place with fuzzy side out.

If you find any errors or have questions, please comment below and let me know. All photos and text are property of Country Designs'. You can not sell this pattern, but are encouraged to make and sell what you make using this pattern.

I'll post a video soon and explain how I added the fleece if there is enough interest.


Ree Leibrand said…
Adorable owl ear warmers! You are so talented and kind to share this pattern. I will be looking for someone who can crochet one just like this for me.
Thank you! Message me your head measurements and color preference, Ree, and I'll make one for you. I can even fleece line it for you to make it extra warm. :)