Felt/Fabric Simplicity Doll Pattern 8402

Sometime this summer, Joann Fabrics had a pattern sale and I grabbed some Simplicity patterns at $1 each which is super cheap! At full-price who pays that amount, seriously? My granddaughter loves dollies of all sorts and I decided to make her something that can't be found in a store. 

I felt the directions/instructions were lacking in details and there are no finishing directions at all so once again, I did my own thing to reinforce seams at arms and legs as they will see the most use. The neck area was really tight to work around so next time I think I'll make the selvage a bit wider when cutting out again. 

When making the pigtails, you have to glue the center (before tying the strips of yarn closed and securing) area with some Elmers in order to keep the yarn from being pulled out when a little one picks her up by the hair. You may need to add more after securing to the doll's head. I also had to use a tiny bit of hot glue to tack each pigtail back off the face. It may be that I had them forward too far, but the directions really were no help in that department either.

For those concerned about using safety eyes, I chose to paint her eyes on as I have done many times in making my raggedy ann dolls. I drew about 1/4" or less circles with a fabric pen and filled or painted them in with acrylic paints found at any crafting store. Once dry, I added dots of white for the pupils with a stylus and I used button thread (stronger and thicker than regular thread) for the lashes. Just a little pink blush on each cheek and off white button thread for her nose.

The instructions didn't have pants included (as most don't it seems) so I cut out a pair from leftover fabric and stitched some up for her. Who wants a doll without underpants? lol! They completed her look, don't ya think? :)

 As you can see, Emma was thrilled with her new baby!