New Life...

I've been at my daughter and son-in-law's home just over a week now as they had their third child at the end of last week. This is my daughter's second home and water birth. Everything went well and Momma and baby are healthy and doing fine, but the now middle child is having some difficultly adjusting to not being the baby anymore. Pool little Tabitha just needs a little time to adjust.

Here is little Emma with Andrea's midwife, Mary Helen. I just love this photo. Mary Helen was taking her vitals, weight and such. She is one very special lady who is loved by many in Bloomington and the surrounding areas of southern Indiana. She and her helper, Ann, just provide an amazing service to so many families.

I'll be staying with the kids till the end of this week helping out as needed. I so enjoy spending time with my children and grand children. Precious.

1st family photo: