Sunday, November 23, 2014

My First Crocheted Blanket

I've been working on this blanket for a couple months here and there, but I need it done for a Christmas gift so I really need to finish it this week! It is 160 chains long which ended up being longer than I wanted, but that's the way I did it. I guessed at the width and let it fly, so to speak. All the stitches were done in the back loop only as I didn't want to worry about missing any stitches and having to frog it up! So,! 

I came up with a cute little pink edge to go all around too. LOVE these colors together! I will be adding some little owls on branches with leaves and a cute little flower. The owl pattern was a coaster freebie and can be found here. I added my own little touches to amp up the cute factor. As you can tell, I enjoy color and these little guys add lots of that! I still have to add their little feet and figure out placement...I'm getting there. When this is finished, then it's time to make some knitted cowls...crocheted fingerless gloves and boot cuffs. I have lots to do! I'll post a pic when it's finished.

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