Monday, November 7, 2011

Homemade Liquid Soap for hand and body...for pennies!

To be posted when the soap cools down and thickens up!

Our Big 1 Year Old B-day Boy!!

For my grandson's first birthday on September 1st, my daughter and I decided on an elephant and balloon graphic theme. I purchased the solid colored cupcake holders from an Etsy seller called Todo Papel and the graphics were purchased from another Etsy store called Great Graphics...links are above.

I changed the hue of the graphics, on the cupcake holders, to make them match the blue and red of the elephant graphic we found. I had a cupcake template I made and printed out each wrapper with decorative scissors. Some were printed on regular card stock and the rest were printed on the card stock I purchased at Hobby Lobby which was also used to make the highchair banner.

We were happy with the results~