Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Tinting Photos

I love to take black and white pictures and add color elements in them to brighten them up. Here are some examples of what some photos I've taken recently:

I especially love this one!!

Here is another using a cool and fancy font!

Here is a FREE copy of butterfly wings for you to try on your own pics!
Please click on each one and save to your hardrive.



You know how much i adore your work..I'll add your link to my blog!

Kristin/Pappilotta's in Norway ;)

Homespun Country Designs said...

Hi Kristin!
Thank you! I didn't know you had a blog...I'll add you also. I LOVE your primitive signs...they are gorgeous!!
Thanks for stopping by. :)


Happy New Year!

I've turned my website into a blog instead, I'm not so active selling my stuff anymore, It wears me out! I will only craft when I feel like it in 2009, no orders to be taken, no crafting unless my heart is in it!

Have a Blessed 2009!