Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Tinting Photos

I love to take black and white pictures and add color elements in them to brighten them up. Here are some examples of what some photos I've taken recently:

I especially love this one!!

Here is another using a cool and fancy font!

Here is a FREE copy of butterfly wings for you to try on your own pics!
Please click on each one and save to your hardrive.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My recycled shutter turned into a coat rack!

Our church replaced all of their shutters recently and I was given the old wooden ones. There are sixteen in all..WhooHoo! Here is what I did with one of them. I cut it down to 41 x 20 and screwed these glass door knobs that I got on sale in a JCPenny catalog. It hangs at my front door and will be useful for hanging all sorts of things...I'll add two larger hooks on each side for hats too.

Here is the link where I purchased them on JCP's site: are painted metal that has been wrapped around some pressed board. Then a glass knob was attached at the base.